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The On-Demand Curriculum Builder Workbook

In creating the 32 key issues seminar we were requested by our clients to make available the flexibility in creating their own curriculum. This is how the On-Demand Curriculum Builder Workbook Program was designed. By reviewing the 32 key issues Goals & Objectives, then completing the Family Member Self Assessment Tool, a person can effectively engage their learning from the perspective of what is most needed, first. 


The 32 Key Seminar Goals & Objectives Descriptions

​The Goals & Objectives descriptions are an online to the seminars learning objectives. Each seminar has three (3) learning objectives.  Take the time to review each before completing the Family Member Self-Assessment Tool. 


Family Member Self-Assessment 

(Interactive Tool)

The Family Member Self-Assessment tool provides a guide to help the family member determine which seminar is best suited for the learning base on their current situations and needs. This is an interactive tool with pull down fields. 

Your Growth

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