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Kinship Care and
Substance Use Disorders

One aspect in dealing with children of a parent who is misusing substances is to have an understanding about the issues they (and now you) may face in this journey.  In a 2014 report the State of Vermont reported 80% of their Kinship care cases involved opioids in the home.  The family Solution Finder Certification Program can help to start your road towards a better understanding of the key issues. These are key issues which are likely to present, and these are issues you can learn about today in preparation for what may come tomorrow. 

Getting better at what you are already good in doing .

Kinship is a unique period of time in a families life journey. Often made with the best intentions, a true expression of love is given to others in the family system.  But did we have time to develop our skills in critical areas required for this new role?  Here is a video to start your review of what you might consider for learning and growing stronger communication and relationship building.   Both are going to be needed and both can be further developed in most of us, especially when we consider the dynamics of kinship.

Hide and Seek

Kinship and Substance Use Disorders Education

Foster and kinship care are forms of family-based care for children and young people who can't live at home because they have experienced sexual, physical or emotional abuse or neglect, are at risk of experiencing one of these forms of harm, or cannot live at home for other reasons

Family Learning Belongs Here, It is a Part of the Process.

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