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Empowerment comes from within, knowledge helps to guide that which already exists. 
In this journey the family will be expected to know what they want, how to use it and where to find it.
We are left on our own to figure this out, but not any longer. The Solution Finder Certificate  Program provides a condense selection of seminars (from the larger 32 key issues selection) for the family to focus on critical issues they are likely to face. 
Your knowledge can change everything.  When time is of the essence, learning what you need to know and applying it as an issue happens, can make the difference. 

 "Enabling vs Consequences" 

 "Addiction Behavior" Setting Boundaries


 "Family Intervention" Stages of Change


 "Police Intervention"  

 "Emergency  Medical Services Intervention"
"Legal System Intervention"  
 "Treatment Center Intervention"  

 "Support Agency Mapping"


 "The Relapse" 


"Successful Lifelong Recovery"




 "Spirituality and Faith Practices"

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