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The Not So Perfect Storm Presentation, 

November 21, 2020 www. Sponsor 

The Not So Perfect Storm is a presentation of Enabling, Boundaries and the Five Stages of change. These are interlinked and can be learning in order to help us navigate the holidays. Presented on Dec. 21, 2020 in a Meeting sponsored by


The Condition is Chronic, Let's Manage it That Way, Presentation January 14, 2021 Sponsored by:

The Condition is Chronic, Let's Manage it the Way presents to the family members living with substance use disorders what they are dealing with is the similar to other chronic diseases likes Asthma, Diabetes chronic conditions. How to approach this as a chronic conidiation is the family members first challenge. Therefore, we are examining their first steps. 


Family Members Living with Substance Use Disorders in a Community Collaborative, February 2021 sponsor

In this seminar a model for the Family Solution Finder Community Collaborative is presented. The Family members need to work in collaboration with the local community professions, programs and service that deal with substance use disorders. It is a triangle of sorts, Family Members, Community Providers and person misusing substances. Where the three come together is the collaborative. 

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