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To Make A Donation To Our Mobile Seminar Family Library Trailer, Click the Donate Button Below. Your Contribution will be significant. 

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Families Impacted by Opioids is totally managed by volunteers and funded from a veterans monthly retirement  check.  I have taken it to this level, now I am asking for your help/donation to take it to the next level. 


Our commitment is, 100% of your donation will go directly towards building a families knowledge base.


Make a donation large or small, because knowledge is empowering and we need empowered families to fight back against this family disease.  


Respectfully, Roy Peet Poillon

Two ways to donate, 1. order a case of 12 books and drop them off to a stakeholder in your community. 2. hit the pay pal button and donate cash, in turn we will put it towards buying books in your community if we can identify what state and county you are located.  Or send a check payable to Families Impacted by Opioids 3888 Wintonpark Dr  North Olmsted, Ohio 44070.


Help us complete our nation wide mission, "A Family Solution Finder Learning Centers in the counties of every State in the Nation".  Together , lets save the American Family. 

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