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Become, a Shooting S.T.A.R. Family and combine both the families journey with addiction and your families mental health. You can't have one without the other. 

 What is a "Shooting  S.T.A.R. Families" Program

S.T.A.R.  Stands For:

  • Start

  • Talking

  • About 

  • Recovery

From the moment you learn about the addiction, all roads, all conversations, most activities lead towards recovery.


Recovery is it, Nothing else matters.

A Shooting S.T..A.R. Family is not about striving to fit in or please others. It is about, "Belonging to Yourself" this is the S.T.A.R. journey for each individual member of the family. 


A Shooting S.T.A.R. Family identifies in terms of relationships to recovery, and that recovery is daily, it is group inclusive, it is achievable, and mostly it is about having a plan and working your plan. 

A shooting S.T.A.R. Family prides itself with  their competence in using three (3) coping skills; 1.  Determine a Solution,  2. Develop a Decision,  and 3.  Design a Plan of Action.

How to  get started in a "Shooting S.T.A.R. Families"  Program

The Shooting S.T.A.R. Families Program is provided in three parts.

I.  Initial conversation upon referral or contact: (call and talk with us)

 1. confidentiality statements   2. review current situation, 3. identify immediate needs.

II.  Develop a basic understanding (Take these three sessions):

1.  Session One:  Administration

2.  Session Two: Self Awareness

3.  Session Three: Assessments

III.  Select a Learning Track: (Together we will choose the right learning track)

Learning Track One.  The Family.

Learning Track Two.   The Disease.

Learning Track Three. The Community, Family and Disease.

Or the family can choose the "Family Solution Finder Certification", a selection of 12 seminars. 

"Clarity in Motion" is Mental Health  Coaching for your family members.

The primary goal of the Shooting S.T.A.R. Families program is empowerment through knowledge building. 

The ability of the family members to learn and use what is available is theirs to decide. They have to come to the family table with this in mind. 


We have taken the journey of the person with addiction and pared it with the journey impact to the family, to then offer learning materials for each segment of this known journey. 

Learning the three objectives in each seminar is your goal.

We can provide the family members with Mental Health Coaching, ask about "Clarity in Motion" to learn more.

Inquiries are confidential and with no pressure to enroll. 

 View These Three Sessions

Assignment One:   Download and Print the  PDF, then click and view video.

Assignment Two: Download and Print the PDF, then click and view video.

Assignment Three:   Download and Print the PDF, then click and view video.

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