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Amazing Families Dealing with Substance Use Disorders.
Change Starts Here...

 Shooting  S.T.A.R. Families Program

S.T.A.R.  Stands For:

  • Start

  • Talking

  • About 

  • Recovery

From the moment you learn about the addiction, all roads, all conversations, most activities lead towards recovery. Nothing else matters.

A Shooting S.T..A.R. Family is not about striving to fit in or please others. It is about, "Belonging to Yourself" this is the S.T.A.R. journey for each individual member of the family. 


A Shooting S.T.A.R. Family identifies in terms of relationships to recovery, and that recovery is daily, it is group inclusive, it is achievable, and mostly it is about having a plan and working your plan. 

A shooting S.T.A.R. Family prides itself with  their competence in using three (3) coping skills; 1.  Determine a Solution,  2. Develop a Decision,  and 3.  Design a Plan of Action.

How to Refer a Family

Just call us: 440.385.7605.

Also, read and view the material on this website. Download the books at no cost. 

The Process

The Shooting S.T.A.R. Families program begins with a phone call. 

In the call we will discuss your current situation and explain how the program works.

An initial meeting will be scheduled to complete administrative work and complete an initial screening. Also in this meeting we will review your life story and key issues.

In the second meeting we will complete several assessments that will tell us more about what you will need from the Shooting S.T.A.R. Families program.   A recommendation will be made in how to build your personal learning curriculum. 

In the third meeting your learning seminars will begin. 

Other Services

We provide access to mental health coaching and can look more closely into your family members needs for counseling.   This is a traumatic and stressful situation. If counseling is needed we can direct you and help navigate your referral to the right level of care.

The  Objectives

The primary goal of the Shooting S.T.A.R. Families program is empowerment through knowledge building. 

The ability of the family members to learn and use what is available is theirs to decide. They have to come to the family table with this in mind. 


We have taken the journey of the person with addiction and pared it with the journey impact to the family, to then offer learning materials for each segment of this known journey. 

Learning the three objectives in each seminar is your goal.

You will determine from the 32 key issues which seminar best meets your needs. 

Our objective is to meet your needs, too. 

The Fees

The first two visits are at no cost. The remaining session fees will be less than your insurance copay, typically $20.00 per session.  Some consideration can be made for the need to use a sliding scale. 


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