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Our community needs to become vulnerable enough to see they need a family solution finder learning center, if they want to help families who are dealing with substance use disorders.

How to start a learning center 

Click this link to download PDF User Manual version


Family Solution Finder Learning Centers User Manual

Inside are the steps needed to design and create your own Family Solution Finder Learning Centers.

The Family Solution Finder Learning Centers 


The family has a central role to play in the treatment of any health problem, including substance abuse. Understanding the Family role in the journey of this disease has become a strong and continuing theme of many treatment approaches (Kaufmann and Kaufman 1992a ; McCrady and Epstein 1996), but family therapy is not used for  its greatest capacity in substance abuse treatment . In fact it is left out of most plan of treatments. A primary challenge remains the broadening of the substance abuse treatment focus from the individual to include the family members.  We must educate the family on what will happen in their journey with substance use disorder.  Then we must educate the community that provides services to these family members about the challenges they will likely face. This will empower both family member and community providers to respond in a more productive and helpful manner. 

It is important to understand the complex role that families members can play in substance abuse treatment. They can be a source of help to the treatment process, or they can hurt the process of recovery. The family members are concerned about the Individual Patient’s substance abuse, but they also have their own goals and issues. Providing education to the whole family can improve treatment effectiveness, reduce family stress, decrease relapse, strength the bonds of the family members.  Therefore two frontiers exist, 1. to educate the family on their journey with substance use disorder, and 2. get them to seek family member therapy.  This will increase their functionality (ability to do) and probability  (likely / desire to do it). 

Meeting the challenges of working together will call for mutual understanding, flexibility, and adjustments among the family members. This shift will require a stronger focus on the family system as they interact as a family and their level of understanding in what is likely to happen next. This can only be achieved through education and learning models designed for the family. The other divergent practices of the family members must be reconciled in family therapy, this is why the family members need to consider getting care for themselves while getting educated about their journey.  Part of getting educated about the journey is learning more about themselves and family members and understanding the roles we play in the family. Again, the goal is to increase the family members knowledge which increases the functionality and strengthen their coping skills which impacted their probability.  The Family Solution Finder will educate them, and in seminar # 3 Different types  of family therapy will give them a resource to discover and improve themselves. 


Fentanyl and Building the Community Armor

What they don't know wont hurt them. Actually what they don't know is hurting them and its hurting everyone. The family members need to know what is happening, the community needs to know how to help and support the family members and the faith practice community needs to provide spiritual guidance. All this is surrounded by the fact, families need access to education about their journey with substance use disorders.  and education for these family members in their church. So, who then has the structure to bring this all together. The Family Solution Finder Learning Centers

 has this structure, and process and materials.  



The community has a role to play and it is to learn what the families are learning about the issues they will likely face on their journey with substance use disorders. No one can afford to turn away from this, we are all interconnected.  We want you to start the Family Solution Finder Learning Center in your community . We will take the steps needed to support you, all it takes is you. Become the difference for those around you. 

This is where " Family Empowerment" begins.

Hope, Hugs, and Shared Family Love



The "Family Solution Finder Learning Center" with Study Guide & Workbook, is also a family Learning Library for every family with 32 seminars and 140 videos all used to guide the family in learning more about their journey. The family can now use this library at home, in seminars, or on demand by topic. At no cost. So can the community stakeholders. It is knowledge for all to use. 

The Family Solution Finder Learning Series  is a set of four books which you purchase on-line

1.  Family Solution Finder Study Guide Learning Module I 

2.  Family Solution Finder Seminar Workbook, Learning Module II

3.  Family Solution Finder 3-D's Coping Skills, Learning Module III

4.  Family Solution Finder Local Provider Connections, Learning Module IV


The Study Guide takes the family member through  three learning objectives for the issue. The Seminar Workbook takes the family through an exercise of applying the learning objectives to their real life situation. The 3-D's Coping Skills Workbook takes the issue and by completing the questions: Determine a Solution, Develop a Decision and Design a Plan of Action.  The Local Provider Connections Workbook take the family's next step forward to find a professional that can assist them with addressing this issue. When meeting with the profession they will bring the work completed in the about workbooks. This is empowerment at its best. 


The Pathfinder Community Seminars are 12 core competency seminars in a book used to train and educate the community and providers in what the family experiences in their journey.  Order On:  (completion certificate is available).


1. From Coach to Family Table, is to educate sports coaches about the family key issues faced in their journey. 

2. From Pastor to Family Table, is to educate faith group leaders about the family key issues faced in their journey.

3.  From Police and First Responders to Family Table, is to educate Police and First Responders about the family key issues faced in their journey.

4. From Legal Courts to Family Table, is to educate the family as to the 12 core competency issues they are likely to face in their journey. 

5. From Social Worker to Family Table, is to educate Social Workers as to the 12 core competency issues the family is likely to face in their journey. 

6. From Counselor to Family Table, is to assist the school counselor, Drug Counselor, Family Therapist, Family Intervention Specialist, Peer to Peer Support Coach,  with 12 core competency issues for the family to learn.

7. From Employer to Family Table, is for an employer to give an employee to take home and use with their family members. 

8. From Community Agency, to provide as an internal professional  development within our community organizations with staff and for them to give to their clients when substance use disorders has been identified. 


Invest in the Family Ministry User Manual , is a guide in how to start a faith based ministry for families members who are on a journey with substance use disorders. The Family Solution Finder 32 Learning Seminars are used in each meeting, plus The Substance Use Disorder Journey, It's Time to Get Organized workbook, and SP~ARK's Program for faith development and application to the family journey. 


Four Levels of Family Solution Finder Learning Centers

Level One

In this level, the organization or person distributes The Pathfinder Certificate of Completion Seminar to both the Families and the local community

Level Two

In this level, the organization or person provides on site presentations of the Family Solution Finder Learning Seminars with Study Guidebook and Workbook. Also includes Level I

Level Three

In this level the organization or person provides presentations at the location of other organizations using the Pathfinder Certifidcate of Completion of a selection from The Family Solution FInder 32 Learning Seminars.  Also includes Levels I , II

Level Four

In this level the organization or person provides the "Invest In the Family Ministry" set up assistance to local churches and places of faith practices. Also includes Levels I, I, III. 


1. What is a Family Solution Finder Learning Center?  

Ans. This is a center where an individual or organizations provides a place for families to learn about their journey with substance use disorders. It provides education about 32 of the most likely issues a family will have to address while on this journey. 

2. What materials are provided for a Family Solution Finder Learning Center?  

Ans. The family member purchases the Family Solution Finder Learning Seminars Study Guidebook and Workbook.  On our website are downloadable documents for the presenter to use in their seminar which include; Power Point Presentation w/audio for each slide, Extended Learning Video Links, Practical Exercise and Worksheet PDF's, the Family Best Practice and Plan of Action Worksheet PDF. It also includes the meetings monthly agenda.   Everything you need to run a family solution finder learning seminar is included.

3. How do I get Started? 

Ans. Call us and we will walk your through the easy to set up steps. Any person or organization can start a learning center.

4. What is the cost to start a Family Solution Finder Learning Center?

Ans. There is no cost to the organization or individual for starting a Family Solution Finder Learning Center. However, the attendee's will need to purchase their own Study Guidebook and Workbook from or download it free from our website. 

5. What is the Pathfinder Community Seminars? 

Ans.  This book is used to educate the person or organizations staff as to the journey of a family dealing with substance use disorders. It is an excellent marketing tool for an organization seeking to support their referral channel.  The book is a selection of 12 essential issues a family takes as their core competency. These 12 issues are taken from the 32 issues found in the Family Solution Finder Learning Seminars. At the end, the person can request a certificate of completion with their name on the certificate from Families Impacted by Opioids.   This book can also be given to the family members and is fully supported with seminar materials for a present to provide learning sessions. 

6. What is a Family Local Provider Connections Workbook?

Ans.  This is a standard process for completing the learning and applying what is presented to the family member into the worksheets and plan of action format so this knowledge can be directed by a family take the next step as how they will respond to the issue, with the aid of a professional or organization within the community.  

7. What is an "Invest in the Family Ministry"?  This is a turn-key program for a church or place of faith practice to set up a ministry for families on a journey with substance use disorder who are within their church congregation. This is not a support group, but rather a learning and development ministry. The Family Solution Finder Learning Seminars are used in their meetings, also the SPARK's Program is included to help the family member develop their spiritual faith practice and the Member Organizing Resource Evaluation Program (M.O.R.E.) model is used.  This is a local community referral resources list to help the family find the right level of support. 


1. Educate The Family.

2. Educate The Community.

3. Support the Places of Faith Practice.

Everywhere the family turns they will be asked:


If not, here is a book to get started. 

We will meet them where they are, no matter where they are in the community. 

Families Impacted by Opioids 440.385.7605  (this is a nonprofit 501 C-3 organization) ​ Email Us:

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