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As it is with learning, it takes time. It takes daily watering and nutrition with five years of care before a Chinese Bamboo tree breaks the surface of the ground. Then it takes 9 weeks for it to grow 95 feet tall. The lesson here is that what we do today in learning more about the impact of addiction is what will grow for us in how well we can respond tomorrow, staying true to ourselves, our values and faith. Even when we see nothing, we know something is growing which will later be the reward for what we are doing today.

The Bamboo Tree is our philosophy in providing the "Families Solution Finder Learning Series" for families dealitng with addiction.  Today, we will plant the seed of knowledge, it takes time to nurture, then the results are seen.



The Family ~ The family is their own best support system. By learning the 32 Key Issues family members will likely face and how to develop skill sets to use the knowledge they will gain, build a support network and develop a family response in a plan of action, they will be a significantly more advanced in how they deal with the drug epidemic. The 32 Key Issues are found in the " Family Solution Finder Learning Series" A Four (4) Learning Module I-IV study program which includes: The Family Solution Finder Seminars Study Guide Learning Module I, Family Solution Finder Seminar Workbook Learning Module II is used to determine the impact of each issue to the family dynamic, Family Solution Finder 3-D's Coping Skills Workbook Learning Module III is used to build coping skills, and Family Solution Finder Local Resource Connections Workbook Learning Module IV  the family builds a plan to respond to the issue. 


Hate the Disease, Love the Person 

The Brain ~ As a first step in your journey of knowledge building you will need to learn why it is said that addiction is a disease of the brain, not simply a matter of "Will".  Without this understanding you will find a lot of the material to be confusing.  Afterall, why should we have to learn all this about their condition if it was just a matter of them willing themselves out of it. 

In the next page you will learn in what way the brain works and how addiction will alter its ability to function.

PROGRAM:  Pushing Back on Addiction

How we respond ~ This is their journey, and becomes the family/communities impact, but is also inclusive of our spirit and soul, because this is a battle of good and evil. 

Now is the time to include your faith practices.  This is something that is bigger than a person can handle by themselves, it is also something that is bigger that a family can handel on their own.  A practice of prayer, scripture reading, applied to the issues the family faces is required, daily.  In this program, all three are addressed, their journey, your family impact and your spiritual faith practice. 

We Are Focused on The Family both as a system and as individuals in the family dynamic.  Our programs all come back to the family. These are families dealing with substance use disorders. 

In this program a family members or instructor can use the 32 Key Issues seminar to design an personalized curriculum for the family members or for professional development of an organizations staff. 



Mr. Roy P. Poillon, CDCA and Certified Mental Health Coach, having lived experience in a family with substance use disorders has developed through the use of NIH, SAMHSA, Empirical proven studies and best practice guidelines, a selection of 32 key issues that are designed to educate families on a life journey with substance use disorders. He felt what we needed in our community is a dedicated center for learning more about substance use disorders and how it impacts the family dynamic.  For these families this has become a dual diagnosis of both family mental health and family substance use disorder chronic disease. 

This learning center needs to educate the families, the stakeholders in the community, providers, churches and court systems.  And we can do this through setting up a "Family Solution Finder Learning Center".  The content is already provided, the manual to set up and run a center also included. It is already done and all you need to do is contact us, we will provide you with everything that is needed to start a local community Family Solution Finder Learning Center in your community. But before you call, review our videos, read our pages in this website, then call us: 440.385.7605.  We are a non-profit education charity (501c3) organization.  But see this as a stewardship, one of love and caring. If that describes who you are, then let's talk. 

Roy Peet Poillon, 

Witt's End Consulting, LLC

Something better has to be done, because what is currently being done today is not working, fast enough. 


F.I.O. is funded from a veterans monthly retirement  check.  We have taken it to this level, now we are asking for your help/donation to take it to the next level.  Your donation would be greatly appreciated.  roy p. poillon

Two ways to donate, 1. order a case of 12 books and drop them off to a stakeholder in your community. 2. hit the pay pal button and donate cash, in turn we will put it towards buying books in your community if we can identify what state and county you are located.  Or send a check payable to Families Impacted by Opioids 3888 Wintonpark Dr  North Olmsted, Ohio 44070.


Help us complete our nation wide mission, "A Family Solution Finder Learning Centers in the counties of every State in the Nation".  Together , lets save the American Family. 

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