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As it is with learning, it takes time. It takes daily watering and nutrition with five years of care before a Chinese Bamboo tree breaks the surface of the ground. Then it takes 9 weeks for it to grow 95 feet tall. The lesson is that we do today what will grow tomorrow, staying true to ourselves, our values and faith. Even when we see nothing, we know something is growing which will later be the reward for what we do today.

The Bamboo Tree is our philosophy in providing the "Families Solution Finder Learning Centers" in your county. Today, we will plant the seed of knowledge, it takes time to nurture, then the results are seen.

It starts with a seed provided by you, the stakeholder in your community and your willingness to make change a reality.


The Family ~ The family is their own best support system. By learning the 32 Key Issues family members will likely face and how to develop skill sets to use the knowledge they will gain, build a support network and develop a family response plan of action, they will be a significantly more advanced in how they deal with the drug epidemic. The 32 Key Issues are found in the " Family Solution Finder Learning Series" A Four (4) Learning Module I-IV study program which includes: The Family Solution Finder Seminars Study Guide Learning Module I, Family Solution Finder Seminar Workbook Learning Module II, Family Solution Finder 3-D's Coping Skills Workbook Learning Module III, and Family Solution Finder Local Resource Connections Workbook, Learning Module IV .

This will provide your community with a family solution finder learning series that everyone can have access too, at no charge.


The Community ~ The community supports the family members with their services and programs, but do they know this families members journey? Here's how the community can learn more about the family journey and what they face. The Family Solution Finder Learning Centers provides to their local community seminars that guide these groups to understand the 12 core issues of the family, This will expand the communities awareness of the family members journey, improves continuity of care, reduces stigma and increases effectiveness of services provided. For Police and First Responders, School Guidance Counselors, Social Workers, Healthcare facility staff, Govt. Agencies, social groups, large and small family support groups. See The Pathfinder Community Seminars workbooks


The Church ~ The Church wants to help, but is not sure in what way. The church learns how to provide a ministry for the family members in their church, for those who are on this journey of substance use disorder. See The Invest in the Family Ministry User Manual and Volunteer Guide Book.


On-Line Support: Power Point Presentations with audio voice over for each slide, seminar handouts, practical exercise, Skill Tools worksheets, and meeting agenda with clinical paper for each of the 32 seminars. You are full supported.


The Courts can assign the family members to take these seminars in their home online or at an assigned contracted vendor set up in advance by the Court. The completion of the assigned seminars can be rewards with a certificate for the family. This starts the family members to realize their knowledge and participation is important to the success of the recovery for their family member. This same model can by used by the family while their other family member is incarcerated. They are growing in knowledge while they are serving time.

The seminars then become a family library of the issues they will face and can viewed in the comfort of their home, (Self-Administered). As many times as they want.


In this program a family members or instructor can use the 32 Key Issues seminar to design an personalized curriculum for the family members or for professional development of an organizations staff. 


Mr. Roy P. Poillon, CDCA having had a lived experience in a family living with substance use disorders understands this journey and the challenges it can create in the family system. He has a past career in developing disease management models for home healthcare agencies in areas such as COPD, Diabetes, Asthma, and CHF. And see Substance Use Disorders in a similar way as these other chronic diseases. He set up Home Infusion Pharmacies and In-Home Hospice services for in several markets across the nation. In 2005 Mr. Poillon created a network of international hospitals from countries around the world for uninsured Americans to receive elective surgery in Joint, Hip, Cardiac and Dental. Recently. In 2014 he founded an Alzheimer's Family Learning Center for training family's members about their journey with Alzheimer's and other dementia's. As a devoted practicing Catholic he founded The Families Impacted by Opioids nonprofit, 501C-3. This is needed because few organizations are focusing on the educational needs of the family members, and yet it is the family members who are the epicenter for the long term care management. They are involved in the decision making and assist in setting up an environment for sustainable lifelong recovery.  The Family Solution Finder Learning Series provides a unique approach to the process of learning to empower these families members, their community and local faith groups. 

Something better has to be done, because what is currently being done today isn't working, fast enough. 

Roy  P. Poillon, 

Witt's End Consulting, LLC

F.I.O. is funded on my veterans retirement  check, your donation would be greatly appreciated.  roy poillon

Two ways to donate, 1. order a case of 12 books and drop them off to a stakeholder in your community. 2. hit the pay pal button and donate cash, in turn we will put it towards buying books in your community if we can identify what state and county you are located. 

Help us complete our nation wide mission, "A Family Solution Finder Learning Centers in the counties of every State in the Nation". Save the American Family. 

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