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Families Impacted by Opiods is an Education Charity nonprofit 501C(3). We believe education is a process of steps. Each step should move you forward into the understanding of an issue.  There are a lot of issues which  your family will have to deal with and it will benefit you greatly if you learn these issues before they are presented.  It is also important the family learns how to determine a solution to each of these issue once it is known.  We know these issues and now you need to know them too. 

This is a down to earth, "learn and grow" website.  It is designed to support your family in their approach when dealing with the issues that you are likely to face on a journey with substance use disorders. 


We know this journey, it has been studied by our industry from top to bottom, and it is very likely what you're dealing with as a family is already known, and the way you are responding has already been studied. 


Families Impacted by Opioids has reviewed this journey and developed a "Family Solution Finder Learning Centers".   This is a learning center model for families to access in the comfort of their home to build their knowledge base around how to create solutions, develop decisions and design a plan of action. 


We have also created a path for stakeholders in the community to learn about the family and their journey dealing with substance use disorders, "Pathfinder Community Collaboration". Our focus is on both the family and their community.


In this website you will first learn why it is called a "Brain Disease". Next is an invitation for the family to consider their faith practices as a part of this journey. They will learn how to "Push Back on Addiction" using their faith. Then we define how both education and mental health coaching come together in the family learning process creating a "Shooting S.T.A.R. Family".   S.T.A.R. start talking about recovery. 


From this point we look at the core issues a family needs to learn, "Solution Finder Certification", before taking on a total journey perspective of all "32 Key Issues Seminars".


To apply this knowledge the family will need strong "Coping Skills". Eventually a "T.R.U.S.T." mending between the identified person and the family members will be desired.


Some key issues such as "Foster Care" or "Incarceration Reentry" may need to be addressed.


Now a community can set up a Family Solution Finder Learning Center and install a "Certified Instructor" to present this material. The local Family Solution Finder Learning Center will install an In-Home Family Solution Finder Learning Center in the homes of local families.   This center can offer both in person group sessions and on line. Both the learning center and it's instructor can support two other key areas of your local community the "Specialty Courts" and local places of "Faith Practice" with a learning center at their location.

Our advice in all this, "EMBRACE YOUR NEED TO CHANGE".   This is a chronic disease of the brain and it has many parts that impact the family.   Because it is not going away, the family needs to learn how to live stronger around it.   You are now a part of the Continuum of Care and you have a role to play in the Continuity of Treatment Plan.  Build your knowledge base now before the time when it is needed.  This will require learning a new vocabulary and building a different style of living. 

Good News: An overwhelming majority, both the identified person and family members find life long recovery. 

Gods peace, (from my family to yours)

Mr. Roy Peet Poillon, Chemical Dependency Counselor Assistant, Certified Mental Health Coach. Certified C.R.A.F.T. Facilitator, and Founder of Families Impacted by Opioids. 440.385.7605 



Mr. Roy P. Poillon, CDCA, Certified Mental Health Coach, and Certified Facilitator C.R.A.F.T., having lived experience in a family with substance use disorders has developed through the use of NIH, SAMHSA, Empirical proven studies and best practice guidelines, a selection of 32 key issues that are designed to educate families on a life journey with substance use disorders. He felt what we needed in our community is a dedicated center for learning more about substance use disorders and how it impacts the family dynamic.  For these families this has become a dual diagnosis of both family mental health and family substance use disorder chronic disease. 

This learning center needs to educate the families, the stakeholders in the community, providers, churches and court systems.  And we can do this through setting up a "Family Solution Finder Learning Center".  The content is already provided, the manual to set up and run a center also included. It is already done and all you need to do is contact us, we will provide you with everything that is needed to start a local community Family Solution Finder Learning Center in your community. But before you call, review our videos, read our pages in this website, then call us: 440.385.7605.  We are a non-profit education charity (501c3) organization.  But see this as a stewardship, one of love and caring. If that describes who you are, then let's talk. 

Roy Peet Poillon, 

Witt's End Consulting, LLC

Something better has to be done, because what is currently being done today is not working, fast enough. 


Families Impacted by Opioids is totally managed by volunteers and funded from a veterans monthly retirement  check.  I have taken it to this level, now I am asking for your help/donation to take it to the next level. 


Our commitment is, 100% of your donation will go directly towards building a families knowledge base.


Make a donation large or small, because knowledge is empowering and we need empowered families to fight back against this family disease.  


Respectfully, Roy Peet Poillon

Two ways to donate, 1. order a case of 12 books and drop them off to a stakeholder in your community. 2. hit the pay pal button and donate cash, in turn we will put it towards buying books in your community if we can identify what state and county you are located.  Or send a check payable to Families Impacted by Opioids 3888 Wintonpark Dr  North Olmsted, Ohio 44070.


Help us complete our nation wide mission, "A Family Solution Finder Learning Centers in the counties of every State in the Nation".  Together , lets save the American Family. 

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