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Download this workbook, open and follow along with each episode. 

Re-Entry Curriculum  Merging Two Worlds Student Handbook

Reentry Back Into Life.

Reentry can be from incarceration, a treatment center, mental health center, or just coming back the the you, as you are now going forward.  


Take time to print the PDF workbook and have this as your personal planner as you use read each page to follow along with the video.  This is an interactive page.

Reentry Curriculum, 

Merging Two Worlds

 Chapter One:  

The person and family members will benefit more by knowing their "Values" as they journey in reentry.   What a person values drives a lot on how they respond, decisions they make and what they determine to be most important.  Use your workbook and follow along by clicking the picture.  you will need to click on the crossed out music note in the lower right corner to turn on the audio. 

Chapter Two:  Expectations

Having Expectations in line with what is realistic can influence our relationships, how we feel about ourselves and how we respond to situations. 

Chapter Three:  Resource Gathering

This is your Project description. Provide a brief summary to help visitors understand the context and background of your work. Click on "Edit Text" or double click on the text box to start.

Chapter Four:  Finances

You will get what you pay for, and managing your finances is your responsibility, no one elses.  So it is a matter of incoming money to out going money and how much you have saved, ready cash.  Now is not the time to lend others your money. You can do that later when you have an overflow.  So know your cash, and manage it with a plan. 

Chapter Five: Life Skills

Everyone would benefit by reviewing this episode because we all need to have strong life skills.  Here you will learn about parenting, positive attitude, how your thought's and emotion drive your everyday experiences. Also strengthen your communication skills.

Chapter Six:  Health

Guess what goes with you everywhere you go, yes it is your health. It is the number one best friend you will every have, you can become your worst enemy if you do not take care of it. So let's learn how to keep a good relationship with our best friend, health.

Chapter Seven:  Relationships and Support

No man is an island, we all have some type of relationships, we all need the support of others and in this journey of re-entry you are going to need to properly manage both.

Chapter Eight:  Education

One might say, with all i have been through and all my life lessons why should I take the time to complete my education or start on a new level of courses. Here is why, because currently you do not know, that which you do not know. With education comes new awareness's, new skills, new opportunities and horizons with achievable goals. It will create hope that you can make thing that are positive happen in your life. It is a way of believing in yourself.

Chapter Nine:  Employment

There are many jobs available to you with careers for a strong progression in a field you like. Because there are ways to expunge your criminal record you may need to start there while beginning your job search. Employment is an attitude, a desire to work and meet the goals of the organizations, while contributing your skills and commitment's.

Chapter Ten:  Resiliency

Resiliency, you are going to need a lot of it on this journey of Re-Entry. At times it will seem that all is against you, but it is not. You thought life and your expectations, your health and relationships, your values and beliefs this is what builds your resiliency, to stay the course, be teachable, and flexible, stay focused and stay clean in your mind, body and soul.

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