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Family Solution Finder Specialty Courts Family Learning Program

The Program Design

In the Specialty Courts Family Learning Program we seek to educate the family members of a loved one that is:

1. Going through the Legal Court System.

2. Is currently Incarcerated.

3. Is going through Reentry process.

4. Is on Parole.

These are family members that live with substance use disorders.

The process to help educate the family is determined by the host provider of the Specialty Courts Family Learning Program. They can choose from three (3) types of programs.

Three Programs:

I. On-Demand Curriculum Builder Program. (Family members chooses seminars)

II. From Legal Courts to Family Table. (12 Core Competency Seminars)

III. The Family Solution Finder Learning Series. (32 key issues seminars)

These are three types of program the Specialty Courts, Sheriff's and Correctional Facilities can choose from. They will have a member of their staff deliver the program, or invite a partner from the community to provide the program in partnership with their organization. 

The books and learning materials are on live and free. Or the family members can order their own copies through

The books to order:

Family Solution Finder Study Guidebook Learning Module I.

Family Solution Finder Seminar Workbook Learning Module II.

Family Solution Finder 3-D's Coping Skills Workbook Learning Module III.

Family Solution Finder Local Resource Connections Workbook Learning  Module IV. 

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