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Click here for your free copy of the Family Solution Finder Learning Centers, Instructor Certification Guide Book

Instructor Certification Guide Book

As Instructor, you set the stage.

The Instructor Certification Maunal


Certification for instructors is a simple review of how to present a seminar. For most of use considering this role, the mechanics of presenting a seminar are already known. Therefore, we seek to review in the Instructor Certification the material that will be used.

Four Primary Part :

1. The Family Solution Finder Learning Series, Four Books

2. The Pathfinder Community Seminar

3. The Invest in the Family Ministry, Use Manual and Volunteer Guide Book

4. Family Solution Finder eLearning Program

5. Family Solution Finder On-Demand Curriculum Builder Program

6. Specialty Courts Family Learning Program

In the Family Solution Finder Learning Series there are four learning modules I-IV.

There are three learning objectives to each seminar.

The Family Solution Finder Monthly Seminar Schedule is one module per week, on issue for the month. 

You Will Learn How To Become a Certified Instructor    

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