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Click here for your free copy of the Family Solution Finder Learning Centers, Instructor Certification Guide Book

Instructor Certification Guide Book

As Instructor, you set the stage.


The Instructor Certification Manual Explained


Instructor's Materials

The instructors materials are provided below.  This is a selection of video's and classroom handout worksheets so you will have the materials needed to provide instruction for families dealing with substance use disorders. These videos have a speaker in the upper left hand corner for you to use by clicking on the icon and it will play audio for each slide. When an embedded youtube video is presented on the slide you will need to click the red arrow icon to start the video. To progress to the next slide you will need to use your key board and press the page down key. 



Below are the 32 seminar power point presentations.  For each seminar there is a voice over button to play on each slide.  The instructor can download the PowerPoint Presentation and the associated classroom handout (PDF download) for that seminar.  In the handout are the seminar practical exercises.  Turn on the powerpoint, play the voice over for each slide, use the handout for classroom discussions.  

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