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Our Purpose Is To Educate The Family Members

This is a battle against our family. Make no mistake about it, if you are a family in America then you are in harm's way. The Mexican drug cartels count on us remaining ignorant about what is taking place. We can change this equation by strengthening our families with knowledge and coping skills.   

Read this entire website, learn how to fight back using knowledge and strong coping skills.  Our materials are design to give you both. If you have questions, then call us:




Education is a process of steps. Each step should move you forward into your understanding of an issue.  This is a down to earth, "learn and grow" website.


Nothing is flashy in our delivery, it is not intended to be such. This material is derived from resources that have been empirically proven, however our process in its delivery is not empirically proven, yet.

Without apologies, if you need our process in delivery to be empirically proven, then you need to go elsewhere.  We don't have the time to prove what has already been proven. 

Our families members are getting killed in the streets each day, so let's get to work with our families, using the work that has already been done


We will show you the key issues a family is likely to face when dealing with addiction, show you how to determine a solution, develop a decision and design a plan of action for each issue.  

It is not enough to know about an issue (build awareness), more important is how you will solve that issue.  Its about knowledge building. 


In this learning series you will learn how to solve issues.


Our goal is that you become a solution 

finder family through knowledge building.


This is the place to learn.

The Family Solution Finder Learning Series is a blue ocean. A blue ocean is something different in it's approach. Our families are now focused on creating solutions, not just addressing problems.

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